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Petri dishes, Test tubes, urine and stool containers, Pipette tips, Hitachi and coulter cups, loops, 24 hrs collection containers,

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Sara Med is proud of its reputation for excellence gained through experience in the production of disposable laboratory disposable products. Our focus where it is possible to meet all the market's expectations has been wholly achieved   .our Petri dishes with medium and other bacteriology products. We expect our market shares in both domestic and world-wide markets, where we are already recognized exporters, to expand in the coming years making Sara Med a leader manufacturer. We would like to express our thanks to both our existing and new customers for having made Sara Med a leader in the field of disposable laboratory products.  

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Sara med Laboratory Plastics will provide superior engineered laboratory and medical products using a total quality approach to product development, tooling construction, manufacturing, secondary operations and after sale customer care. Through our unique business model we are committed to the highest level of quality and service and are focused on continual improvement, innovation and customer satisfaction

Sara med Laboratory Plastics will lead by providing:

Customers with quality products, innovations and value-added services which will promote competitiveness and success in their markets; With superior service to meet and exceed customer expectations and provide the framework for a long-term partnership; With direct sales representation for instant, accurate communication and multiple distribution channels for excellent local service.

Employee Team Members with a dynamic environment that promotes individual growth, challenge, participation, safety, education, training and job satisfaction.

Suppliers with the opportunity for long-term commitment, open communication, and loyalty for excellence with the realization that growth, competitiveness, innovation and profitability should be our mutual goal.

The Community & Environment with business excellence, leadership, support, growth, employment stability, and demonstrated environmental responsibility.

Saramed  Laboratory Plastics will fulfill its mission with integrity, based on building relationships within and outside of the company while maintaining the highest business ethics in all our business dealings.





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